1. #100happydays #day4


  2. Zombie nightmare.
    See more: www.pulselibre.com.br
    #pulselibre #100happydays #day3


  3. Paraíso #100happydays #day2


  4. Quero que a estrada venha sempre até você
    E que o vento esteja sempre a seu favor


  5. Meias fofinhas para o frio #100happydays #day1 




  8. Even if my man broke my heart today
    No matter how much pain I’m in I will be okay
    'Cause I got a man in my life that can't be replaced

    For this love is unconditional, it won’t go away
    I know I’m lucky, know it ain’t easy
    For men who take care of their responsibilities
    Love is overwhelming

    Can’t stop my tears from falling
    I love you so much daddy


  9. The blower’s daughter




  12. MAKE A WISH!

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  13. La rivière a la hâte
    Je sens la vie me plaire bizarre


  14. Hide and Seek